Facebook HQ for Walkabout NYC [5.24.12]

Thanks to Walkabout NYC and the Harvest crew, I was able to take a tour of Facebook’s HQ on Madison Ave. I also signed a nondisclosure agreement, so I’m just going to include what I thought was cool. Security was the tightest I’ve seen for any tech company but that’s to be expected with Facebook, post IPO.

Anyways, Facebook has some really cool office spaces and rooms (with names like “XOXO, Gossip Girl, Snuggie, and Shake Weight) as well as friendly employees. I wrote my name on one of the pillars with a black permanent marker, which felt awesome – I literally wrote on Facebook’s wall. The snacks were abundant (literally a small wall of snacks) and the Facebook cafeteria was catered, a nice touch, Zuck. The Facebook NYC HQ mostly consists of marketing, engineers, and infrastructure development. An awesome end to Walkabout NYC! Thanks!

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