LA 3.28.14

things I learned in Orange County:

i’m definitely lactose intolerant
laguna beach has the best gelato
sherlock is a damn fantastic show
In-N-Out employees love me (see instagram tho)
God invented veggie sausage pizza for a reason
there is a thing called a Pizooki. God also invented this, for us. 
i’m high maintenance
I love my best friends. 
Aaron Paul is a good actor
I really missed Imanni and I can’t believe it took me 4 years to make it out to the west coast, but I’m so glad I did because we had such an incredible time, and I’m already reminiscing on the laughs, the conversations that only we can have … you’re a best friend that’s always accepting and loving, no matter how weird I am, how loudly I chew gum, or how lazy I might be in the morning. I love + miss you!

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