Birthdays 4.13.14

21st: I threw a party in my friend’s 3000 sq ft. loft in Greenpoint, blacked out by 10pm, destroyed some expensive home furnishings, forgot that strangers’ beds are sometimes bigger but not always warmer, stared at the city from a rooftop, tried to fly, unintentionally burned my face, woke up still intoxicated, went for brunch. 

22nd: I learned that it’s okay to let people into your home, love is an action/feeling/space and not an ingredient in Absolut, you can twerk in solidarity, solace is inherent to community, music is medicine and glue, it’s okay to show your scars, the fingertips of friends have healing powers, mistakes can be blessings, home cooked food is cheaper and better for hangovers.

Thanks to all my friends who support me while I grow. I love y’all.

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