Beware – 6.2.14

Beware of: 

white ppl who “love hip-hop” but cross the street when they see you coming
allies who only speak in academic coded language as a political litmus test
ur partner/bb who will hold you but cant bring you home b/c grandpa might be racist xoxo
yt strangers who try to touch your body/hair without consent 
non-PoC folx using AAVE like its cute and not theft
anyone who makes it clear that they can’t see all of you and they don’t intend to try

Remember to Love:

people of color who can’t see their skin as a divine gift yet
brown folks who have tried bleaching creams because the beauty standard is narrow
those who are spiritually paralyzed by ancestral and present day trauma
colonized parents/grandparents/relatives who survive differently than you
PoC who are hurting and don’t see the blood trail

— survival guide for the young black person in the western world/I told my mom I’m tired but perhaps I found fire again (lessons in microaggressions and the shortening of black life vol. 3)