“One common factor that I’ve noticed while reading about lynchings of black people, the genocide of the Tasmanian people, Easter island’s Rapa Nui etc. is that these colonizers, these white men, always take a black or brown body’s scrotum to use as a coin purse or tobacco pouch. Without fail throughout most of the genocides and acts of terror I’ve studied, they are constantly removing and re-appropriating genitals for sport or novelty.

Thanks to the lack of depth of white understanding on black bodies and gender identity, pre/post-terror and colonization, many of these parts, cut from bodies, are lumped into two basic and flawed categories: “male” and “female”. It seems that our colonizers have always had a particular interest in preventing physical and spiritual procreation and limiting the available knowledge of self for future generations, either symbolically or literally. They have always been obsessed with mutilating/controlling/destroying our bodies, our genitals, our children. I think it’s time to redefine savage.”

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